We are an elevator company

Lift up is a technology company focusing on advanced lifts. From the very first day it was founded, its pursuit was consistency, quality, safety, and elegance of its work, four values that when applied to a company can only lead to success and a unique result.

Lift Up’s elevators are distinguished as projects with advanced requirements regarding their operations.Τhey are modern and their aesthetic design consists of minimalistic details and simple lines. What is more, being one of the company’s core values, they are made to be environmentally friendly.

We like challenges

For Lift Up, every work that  is undertaken is a new challenge, from the simplest one to the most complicated and this is because it treats each project based on its uniqueness. By constantly investing in human resources, as well as, hardware and mechanical equipment, we are most confident of success.

We will forever support you

After completing a project, a high-quality technical support follows, called After Sales Technical Support (a.s.t.s), which is meant to fully support all projects that we have built or have undertaken their technical supervision.