Scheduled Repairments

The sudden stop of an elevator from some kind of technical issue can lead to serious problems in the proper function of a building. We follow strict rules and standards during our scheduled inspection to further ensure the prevention of such unpleasant events. Therefore our technicians performs and appointed inspection for the elevator in a time frame that you will have defined.

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Immediate and fast failure restoration

In cases that the circumstances are such, that the repairment of the elevator is deemed necessary, we will be ready for action. We keep our warehouse with constant supply of the most common elevator parts that might malfunction. This is to ensure the quickest possible restoration of the damaged part.

How do we deal with technical issues of a lift

When we recieve a callout in our support center, there is a certain procedure that is activated to make sure the problem is tackled with maximum speed and efficiency. But to do this we make sure that the following are already in motion:

  • Our technicians always have modern equipment for mesure and tools for diagosing the failure.
  • We keep track of the elevator’s history of failures, enhancing our ability to know beforehands what might be the issue.
  • We have in stock parts of the most common elevators.

Those are why we believe that we will be able to solve any issues

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